About Us
Wescor Transformer Corporation
WESCOR, one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers of today, is a reinstated family corporation that generally produces and fabricates Power and Distribution Transformers consistent with customer specifications, and based on designs in compliance to the standards of the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR). Our product also matches to the requirements of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association - American National Standard Institute (NEMA-ANSI) but is dynamically flexible to diverse specifications of our clients within the parameters of the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC).

WESCOR upholds a practical manufacturing facility which to competently produce quality transformers. Quality Control is an essential part of operation. This guarantees a trustworthy product that meets customer requirements. Maintenance and Repair of Transformers, as well, is a component of the full potential of WESCOR. It has an inclusive service shop manned by service personnel who can take action to customer needs and specifications of electrical equipments and systems within a short period of time.

Thus, WESCOR is not only a business, but a family of dedicated and proficient men and women with technical and professional skills heightened by experience.

Should you, therefore, having any specific need for a brand new transformer, repair or sub-station servicing, please send us your inquiry. We have served many industrial companies, and we take this opportunity to extent our scope of service to take electric cooperative.