About Us
Wescor Transformer Corporation
Association - American National Standard Institute (NEMA-ANSI) but is dynamically flexible to diverse specifications of our clients within the parameters of the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC).
WESCOR, one of the leading Transformer Manufacturers of today, is a reinstated Family Corporation that generally produces and fabricates Power and Distribution Transformers consistent with customer specifications, and based on designs in compliance to the standards of the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR). Our products include Dry-Type or Oil-Immersed Transformers, Power and Distribution Transformers, with capacity ranges from 1-kVA to 10000-kVA, Single-Phase (1-Ø) or Three-Phase (3-Ø), for indoor and outdoor installations.

Associated electrical commodities include supply of Pole Line Hardware and Materials such as Lightning Arresters Fuse Cut-outs and Load Break Switches (LBS), electrical consumables and other raw materials in the erection and installation of Indoor and Outdoor Substations, Rectifier Transformers and Welding Machines. Also, WESCOR renders immense services such as Transformer Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Power Transformers and Substations.

The company upholds a practical manufacturing facility which enables WESCOR to competently produce quality transformers. Quality Control is an essential part of operation. This guarantees a trustworthy product that meets customer requirements.

WESCOR functions with highly efficient craftsmen and in consortium with specialized consultants in the field of Electrical Engineering. Its products still matches to the requirements of the National Electrical Manufacturers.

Maintenance and Repair of Transformers, as well, is a component of the full potential of WESCOR. It has an inclusive service shop manned by service personnel who can take action to customer needs and specifications of electrical equipments and systems within a short period of time. Thus, WESCOR is not only a business, but a family of dedicated and proficient men and women with technical and professional skills heightened by experience.

Through the years, WESCOR has been truly humble of their achievements. Starting out in 1965 with Transformer Fabrication and Repair, WESCOR at present, is one of the principal companies in the country that makes a wide range of Single-phase and Three-phase Power XFs and Distribution XFs of various designs and capacity, which are comparable in strength and durability, not to say the least price. The ultimate satisfaction of its customers remains the primary goal in every undertaking. To its credit, WESCOR can claim to be the first manufacturer of the High-Voltage Transformers in the Philippines - a noble legacy as WESCOR can truly say “We made it first.”